Books We Like

Power and Love by Adam Kahane: A provocative challenge to social change leaders

Crossing The Unknown Sea by David Whyte: A thoughtful guide to the career and life transitions that many of our senior clients seem to be in, and a call to re-kindle deep passions and knowing

Getting to Maybe by Westley, Zimmerman and Patton: Sheds new light on the often subtle and winding journey that many successful social change initiatives go through

The Path of Least Resitance for Managers by Robert Fritz: Explains in highly understandable and practical terms some of the core dynamics that go in within individuals and organiizations that seem to keep tripping us up - an essential guide for those seeking to analyze and get at underlying causes

Loving What Is by Byron Katie: A simple yet profound guide for those seekingto understand and break dysfunctional and unhelpful personal patterns, thoughts and feelings (her website is also a great resource)


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